Brock Dishart

Brock Dishart
MDM — Social Media Coordinator


Brock values inclusion and accessibility; these values led him to pursue a Master’s in Digital Media from Toronto Metropolitan University where he focused on inclusive design research. He is interested in how therapy helps us to understand and interpret our own feelings and behavioural patterns, as well as how our identities affect how we process our experiences. Recently, Brock has begun exploring concepts of mood and digital cultures with an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the disciplines of design, sociology & anthropology, psychology, and queer theory (affect theory). His research looks at how we may reconcile differences in meaning across these disciplines so as to derive a better understanding of how mental health apps are affecting individuals and society.

Through his work as social media coordinator at Remedy, Brock wants to build a warm, empathetic, informative, and transformative online space where people of different backgrounds can feel welcomed, accepted, and learn more about therapy and themselves.

MDM – Master of Digital Media, Toronto Metropolitan University