Holotropic breathwork workshop

Holotropic Breathwork provides an important and powerful opportunity for deep self exploration and healing. Lying on a mat, with eyes closed, you use your own breath and the music in the room to enter an expanded state of awareness. This activates the inner healing wisdom which then guides the process.

Upcoming dates: Saturday June 29th 2024
Cost: $140 per day
Location: Remedy - 703 Bloor Street West, Suite 201 Toronto ON M6G 1L5

Please complete the waiver and medical forms and send to martinjstock@gmail.com together with payment by e-transfer to martinjstock@gmail.com

What you will need to bring to the breathwork session: pillow, single sheet, blanket, water bottle, and sleeping mask. Please wear comfortable loose clothing. Participants will also need to bring their own lunch and snacks. We will provide an assortment of herbal teas.

Order of the day:

Doors open at 9 am
Opening circle at 9:15 – 10:15am. Participants introduce themselves, We outline the order of the day and answer questions. We also outline the roles of Breathers and Sitters. Participants choose partners for the breathwork.
10:15am 1st Breathwork – 3 hrs – there is a short relaxation which leads directly into the breathwork
1:15pm Music ends – Breathers are provided with art materials to make some form of record of their experience
1:15-2:30pm Lunch/snacks
2:30pm 2nd Breathwork – Breathers and sitters switch roles for the second session
5:30pm 2nd Breathwork ends Breathers are provided with art materials to make some form of record of their experience
6:00 pm Closing circle – Sharing of experiences and art work – and conversation about strategies for integration and continued grounding
7:30pm at the latest, Closing of sharing circle.

MARTIN STOCK is a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator and has been facilitating workshops regularly since 2015.

SHARON GRAHAM is a holotropic breathwork apprentice with extensive breathwork holotropic experience in groups as small as three and as large as 300.

For questions and concerns please email: martinjstock@gmail.com
More information on Holotropic Breathwork: here and here

With regard to the ongoing prevalence of Covid:

We ask that you limit your contacts, as much as reasonably possible, in the week prior to the workshop. If you have to cancel because of Covid-like symptoms, even last minute - we will refund you.

Please complete the Medical Form, and the Realese acknowledging that breathwork is a risky activity in the context of Covid and either email them or bring with you to the workshop.