Allegra Netten

Allegra Netten
Ph.D., C.Psych. (Supervised Practice)


Allegra’s therapeutic approach is person-centered and rooted in values of diversity, anti-oppression, social justice, and personal growth. She recognizes the role of systemic and socio-cultural factors in mental health, and her approach is inclusive of all identities and expressions. Allegra works with adult individuals and couples/relationships with the goal of helping them meet their goals for wellbeing and self-understanding. She works with a variety of presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, situational stress or distress, OCD, emotional exploration, and difficulties in relationships. They are passionate about working with issues related to sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ mental health, as well as distress related to the climate emergency. Allegra’s approach is integrative, flexible, and compassionate, drawing from various modalities based on clients’ unique needs and circumstances. With foundations in cognitive behavioural therapy, Allegra draws from other evidence-based approaches including acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and emotion-focused therapy, as well as mindfulness, narrative, existential, and self-compassion techniques.

Allegra also provides psychoeducational (learning disability), ADHD, and psychodiagnostic (mental health) assessments to adults who are wondering whether there is a diagnosis which fits experiences they are having and/or who may benefit from academic or occupational accommodations. She offers assessments for trans and gender diverse clients seeking gender-affirming medical intervention and can provide written documentation accordingly. Allegra’s approach to assessment is grounded in affirmation and self-understanding.

Residency – Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

PsyD – Clinical Psychology, University of Prince Edward Island