Meredith Landy

Meredith Landy
Ph.D., C.Psych. — Psychologist


Meredith has always felt compelled by people’s stories. As a therapist, she is deeply invested in understanding clients’ realities and learning about how they navigate their world. 

Meredith provides support for individuals struggling with a range of issues, including posttraumatic stress disorder, emotion regulation difficulties, insomnia, mood disorders, and anxiety. Meredith particularly enjoys working with couples, as well as individuals facing life transitions. 

Meredith completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University, and her pre-doctoral residency at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Meredith also holds a Master of Arts degree in Trauma Studies from New York University. Meredith is committed to increasing access to evidence-based interventions, and has experience designing and implementing treatments intended to be delivered online. Her research focuses on increasing understanding of the processes through which interventions work, and testing the limits of psychotherapies. 

Residency – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology, Toronto Metropolitan University


Selected Publications

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